Zero Configuration


You can simply create a .docksal directory in your project root and run fin project start (fin start for short) to get a Docksal-powered stack up and running for a project.

The default LAMP stack (DOCKSAL_STACK=defaut) with Apache, PHP, and MySQL will be used to create containers. The default Document Root path for web-accessible files is docroot.

This is a great way to start developing a new project. This approach can also be used on a permanent basis, if your needs are simple. The default stack receives regular updates with every Docksal update.

You can run fin init in an empty (or an existing project) folder for a wizard experience. See getting-started/project-setup for an example.

Project must contain an index.html or index.php page in the docroot directory inside your project.

Zero-configuration Stacks

You can switch between managed zero-configuration stacks for you project like this:

fin config set DOCKSAL_STACK="acquia"
fin project reset

This is a great way to use a more tailored stack setup without digging deep into the configuration.

For more details on managed stacks, see Default Configurations.